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Generating a dynamic measure selector

Dynamic measure selectors For certain kinds of reports, it sometimes makes sense to be able to select which measures should be displayed by checking off members on a dimension, rather than including individual measures from the field list. There are many blogs and articles online that describe this pattern in more details. You can [...]

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Tabular Editor Tricks – Apply Default Translations

Exporting Translations Tabular Editor lets you export translations into the same .json file format used by Visual Studio and SSAS Tabular Translator. This is useful if you want to delegate the task of translating your model to someone without access to your tabular model metadata. Let’s say you’ve added a new culture (called “translation” [...]

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Power BI tricks – WhatIf parameters

Update May 29th 2019: It turns out that the technique outlined here can be used for SSAS or Azure Analysis Services Tabular models of Compatibility Level 1400+. In fact, just by adding the ParameterMetadata Extended Property (step 9 below) to any numeric column in your model, you can instruct Power BI to display a [...]

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You’re Deploying it Wrong! – AS Edition (Part 1)

This is part 1 of a blog series on Analysis Services DevOps using Tabular Editor. Preface Almost 10 years ago, now Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, Troy Hunt wrote a groundbreaking blog series titled “You’re deploying it wrong!”, that brought the concepts of continuous integration and continuous delivery to an audience of web application developers [...]

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Introducing the Tabular Editor Blog

Tabular Editor is growing. It’s time to start blogging. Some background history It all started back in August 2016, when I was challenged with maintaining a large Tabular Model with more than 50 tables, and over 800 measures. One day, my client asked me to update the display folder structure of half the measures [...]

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