Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition

The ultimate Analysis Services and Power BI productivity tool for developers, consultants and professionals.

Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition is intended for individuals and teams of BI developers, consultants and professionals who make use of Enterprise-level instances of Analysis Services and/or Power BI Premium.

This edition of Tabular Editor 3 is not limited to any edition of Analysis Services. If it speaks XMLA – Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition can connect. In addition, you may use Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition as an External Tool for Power BI Desktop, allowing you to easily navigate, enhance and maintain imported data models. If you have previously used the open-source version of Tabular Editor, you are probably already aware how Tabular Editor makes it much easier to add and edit measures, edit object properties in bulk, copy/paste and undo/redo modelling operations. Tabular Editor 3 provides also provides all of these features, and so much more:

  • A premium, fully customisable user interface with multi-monitor and Hi-DPI support
  • DAX expression, query and script editor with powerful features, such as:
    • Code folding
    • Autocomplete
    • Calltips
    • Refactoring
    • …and much, much more
  • DAX scripting to manage many calculations in a single document
  • C# macro creation and recording
  • Table data preview with infinite scrolling, filtering and ordering
  • PivotGrid view to quickly test measure logic
  • Customisable diagram view to quickly navigate large models
  • Data Refresh view that lets you schedule and track the progress of refresh operations
  • Schema Change Detection that works for both Provider and Structured (Power Query) Data Sources
  • Search-window that lets you search object expressions, descriptions, format strings, etc.
  • Integrated VertiPaq Analyzer view


You must be an administrator on the Analysis Services instance or Power BI workspace that you are connecting to.

Check out the license comparison documentation page for more information.

Supported Power BI data modelling operations

Tabular Editor 3 by default limits the data modelling operations that you can perform against Power BI Desktop, to those officially supported by Microsoft. However, just like the open-source version of Tabular Editor, Tabular Editor 3 has an option to unlock all data modelling operations, but be aware that this could potentially cause data model changes that could break your .pbix file, so make sure to keep a backup of the file, just in case!


For customers of Tabular Editor 3 Enterprise Edition, we offer dedicated support on any technical or usage question regarding Tabular Editor 3. Contact our support team directly. at