About Tabular Editor ApS

Tabular Editor ApS is the company behind Tabular Editor 2.x (open source) and Tabular Editor 3.

Tabular Editor ApS is a spin-off of a Danish Based BI and Analytics company, Kapacity where the author of Tabular Editor, Daniel Otykier has been employed for the last 8 years.

During 2019 Daniel and Kapacity decided that the best future for Tabular Editor would be a separate company allowing Daniel to focus 100% on making Enterprise Data Modelling available for the Microsoft BI and Power BI developers. Fast forward to June 2021 where the first release of Tabular Editor 3 is a reality.

We are committed to provide the best tooling to support Microsoft BI and Power BI professionals and developers. The open source edition of Tabular Editor has a proven track record, with more than 15.000 users world wide. For those seeking a premium experience we offer Tabular Editor 3 on a commercial license. Both editions will evolve over time, and we will work tirelessly to make enterprise data modelling available for the masses.

Behind the company is Daniel Otykier, the original author of the product and a Microsoft MVP and his colleague from Kapacity, Søren Toft Joensen. Furthermore the mother company Kapacity A/S is backing the company with everything from Bookkeeping and Web development to Tabular Editor support.

They are both excited about the future for Tabular Editor and will make sure to do their outmost to give you a first class service.

Daniel Otykier
Daniel OtykierCTO
Søren Toft Joensen
Søren Toft JoensenCEO